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One of the most precious natural resources Arkansas is blessed with is her ‘soil’. Making agriculture one her most important activities as well as a great source of state income. Farm auctions make up a big part of real estate auctions.  Arkansas is naturally endowed with highly fertile soil and this has led to the attraction of several investors from both within and without the state. However, selling or acquiring  land in this state can be a hassle as well as frustrating if not done properly and this is where selling farmland and farm equipment at auction comes in.
Looking into the auction process can provide answers to all the questions you may have about selling or acquiring farm property in Arkansas . Fish, forestry, wildlife properties, pasture or livestock, row crop and all other types of farms are salable by the auction method. The following are the reasons why farm auctions should be considered by all sellers as well as investors that are interested in getting great value for their farmland in Arkansas:

  • It creates a competitive environment as bidders compete to acquire the farm real-estate, hereby increasing chances of higher rate of profit for the farm owner.
  • Auctions can attract a lot of buyers from the general public due to heavy advertisement and promotions of farm auctions.
  • With auctions, the time at which the farm will be on the market is considerably reduced as it accelerates sales.
  • The risk of fraud is minimized as farm auctions ensure that authentic property is being sold through adequate checking of the farm land documentations. Therefore, the bidders are assured of the authenticity of the land being sold.
  • The farm owners are saved from the possibility of incurring additional expenses which arise from holding on to a piece farmland like property tax, as the sale is expedited by the farm auction.
  • Numerous and unscheduled showings are eliminated by farm auctions.
  • Convenience: The farm owner gets to decide the date the farm would be sold as well as the terms.
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