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Financial institutions may be finding that more and more of their customers are facing uncertain financial futures and are seeking relief on their debts. If you’re a creditor or banking professional with a customer who is going through a structured workout, a bankruptcy proceeding, or a foreclosure, Wooley Auctioneers can help make the process stress-free! Working with an Arkansas auction company is the best option for you and your customers because selling by auction is quick, easy, and reliable. Selling at auction is the best way to reorganize assets or turn property into liquid cash to repay creditors. What sets Wooley Auctioneers apart from our competitors is that we expertly handle the entire auction process from start to finish. Our clients benefit from our transparent services and exceptional support.

Wooley Auctioneers has been in business for over 75 years and has the industry experience and proven track record to get the best auction results. Contact us today to become a banker referral partner!

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Auction Services for Bankers and Their Customers

Wooley is a full-service auction company in Arkansas that can help sell your customer’s property quickly and efficiently. For many people facing bankruptcy or foreclosure, selling their property is one of the last things they want to do. It can be incredibly difficult for most families to part with their belongings. Selling property by auction with our professional auctioneers can help remove the emotional and psychological difficulties associated with selling a home and one’s possessions and could be the best course to minimize institutional risk.

Why Partner With Our Auction Company

We Do the Hard Work for You

Exposing assets to the right buyers is key and that’s what we’re good at. Our sophisticated advertising and marketing team uses strategic, innovative techniques to target the right people. Since we primarily host auctions online, the estate is able to have local, regional, national and even international bidders, this drives the price up and produces the best results. We also provide a full report of sale that breaks down everything from the line item marketing budget and results to the details of the auction, such as asset descriptions, bidder information, etc.

We’re Trusted

Being a third-generation auction company that’s family-owned and operated, we’ve been in this marketplace for a long time and we’ve built a good reputation — we wouldn’t still be here if that wasn’t the case. With Wooley, there are no false reserves or false representations. We protect the property we are selling and never bid on the property we’re selling. You can always count on our transparency, honesty, and realistic goals for what we can accomplish for clients.

We’re Experienced

In many cases, items need an accurate appraisal. We know what the assets are and what they’re worth, so clients are given the assurance that the estate will be sold at true market value. We can handle auctions of all sizes since there’s not a lot we haven’t seen in our three generations of business!

Our Bankruptcy Auction Process

We first begin by discussing the goals for the auction and viewing the property and assets. Once we sign on and get the auction date set, our team gets to work organizing and preparing for the auction. We catalog inventory, take pictures, get everything ready for the website, and implement a marketing strategy. You won’t have to worry about a thing!

Once the first step in our process is complete, we flip the switch, and the auction is live for bidders to engage in right away. The auction runs concurrently with the marketing period. Bankruptcy auctions typically run for 30-45 days.

We collect earnest money down payments via cashier’s check then deliver the payments to the title company and they start the closing process. The title company will disburse funds to all parties in approximately 30 days at closing.

Learn more about our auction process here.

Arkansas Asset Auction Company

Let Wooley Auctioneers make it easy for you and your customers! Our auction company can help produce the best results. Contact us today to become a banker referral partner!

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