Why Choose Wooley as Your Auction Company

Three generations, same integrity.

Hire Us for Your Auction

When it comes to choosing an Arkansas auction company to manage your real estate auction and liquidation needs, there are a lot of things to consider. What sets Wooley Auctioneers apart from other auction companies is that when you work with us, you can trust that you are being taken care of. We make it easier for our clients by handling the entire auction process from start to finish! We have the industry experience you want in an auction company but also the commitment to our clients that you can depend on to get you the best auction results.

We pride ourselves on being a third-generation family-owned company that has always had our clients’ best interests in mind. Unlike other auction companies, we have lasted this long because we do things the right way and our clients know it.

Auctioneers with Integrity

No Conflict of Interest

You hire an auctioneer to sell your assets to the highest bidder. When you come to an auction with Wooley Auctioneers, you’re bidding against the public and only the public. Some auction companies can conduct their auctions in dishonest ways and participate in their own auctions.

When they do so, they are acting selfishly and do not have your best interest in mind. Many times they will buy at a low price just to resell and make more money for themselves at a later date…

You have to ask yourself:

  • Did the auctioneer advertise this auction properly?
  • Did they want as much competition as possible?

With Wooley, there are no false reserves or false representations. We protect the property we are selling, we do not bid on the property we’re selling.

What Else Sets Us Apart


We’re turnkey, meaning we fully handle all aspects of the auction from beginning to end and turn it all into money for you! It can be as simple as handing us the keys, letting us get to work and then receiving a check after the auction.


Exposing your assets to the right buyers is key and that’s what we’re good at. Our sophisticated advertising and marketing team uses strategic, innovative techniques to target the right people nationwide. Since we primarily host auctions online, your auction is able to have participants from all over the country which drives the price up and produces the best results.


Wooley was founded by one of the first full-time auctioneers in the state of Arkansas. Being a third-generation auction company that’s family-owned and operated, we’ve been in this marketplace for a long time and we’ve built a good reputation — we wouldn’t still be here if that wasn’t the case. Throughout the years, the experience has been passed down from grandfather, to son, to grandson.


We know about various different types of industries and products because we’ve done it all. We know what the assets are, we know what they’re worth, and we know what we’re talking about. We can handle the job big or small since there’s not a lot we haven’t seen! We are aware of the fast industry changes and are very active members in both the Arkansas Auctioneers and National Auctioneers associations. We also participate in continuing education classes to stay up-to-date with our skills.


Many auction companies make promises they cannot keep by telling sellers what they wanted to hear just to get the sale. However, we are realistic with our goals and what we can accomplish for you. We want to help our clients, so when you sign on, we are confident in our ability to accomplish what you want to get done.


As a multi-generational family auction business, we’re familiar with a lot of the transitions that families go through. Oftentimes, sellers who have inherited a business or estate don’t know what to do and can feel overwhelmed. Whether it’s dealing with a farm, corporate assets, or land you no longer have a use for, we’ve experienced those changes in our own family so we can relate.


Oftentimes, sellers are emotionally attached to their company and assets. When a business doesn’t make it, for example, it can be tough emotionally and even difficult to let go. Through our experience in the field, we’ve learned how to be objective and deal with the emotional complexities of these situations. During this major life transition, you can benefit even more with us in your corner fighting for you.


Let Wooley Auctioneers make it easy for you! Our auction services are conducted efficiently and produce the best results for our clients. Contact us today for an auction partner you can count on!

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