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Whether you are a trustee, bankruptcy attorney, business, or individual, you can trust the experienced auctioneers at Wooley Auctioneers to generate the greatest value return from the sale of property and assets at auction. Our team is well versed at dealing with the complexities of bankruptcy auctions in Arkansas and we handle everything involved in asset management with our transparent, comprehensive liquidation process.

As a full-service auction company that’s been around for three generations, our family-owned business is highly qualified and equipped to perform your bankruptcy auction and help get you top bids for the assets and foreclosed property. Request our auction services today!

Why Choose Wooley Auctioneers in Arkansas?

Selling at auction is the best way to reorganize assets or turn property into liquid cash to repay creditors, and we make the process easier for you by managing everything from start to finish. We provide a full report of sale that breaks down everything from the line item marketing budget and results to the details of the auction, such as asset descriptions, bidder information, etc.

We work with:

  • Chapter 7 trustees
  • Chapter 11 trustees and debtors
  • Bankruptcy attorneys
  • Bankers
  • Business owners
  • Individuals

Many other auction companies will participate in their own auctions and take advantage of the situation by trying to get a good deal for themselves; however, we work for you, not ourselves. Our crew has your best interest in mind and want you to receive the best possible outcome for your auction, that’s why we will never bid on the assets being sold.

Benefits of Working with Our Bankruptcy Liquidators

There are no negotiations or contingencies when selling at auction and we take pride in our ability to attract qualified buyers that can close and get the property off your books quickly.

  • We target national and international bidders to generate maximum competition and exposure for your business and real estate liquidation or foreclosed property auction.
  • Banks, trustees, businesses, and debtors are given the assurance that the assets will be sold at true market value.
  • We provide an avenue to sell estates and properties at the earliest possible time and at the highest possible value.
  • We create a competitive environment between bidders, allowing the auction price to exceed that of a negotiated sale.
  • We accelerate the time at which a property is sold, considerably reducing expenses related to holding on to an estate property, such as maintenance and taxes.

Types of Bankruptcy Auction Services We Offer

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Liquidations – We work with trustees to liquidate businesses and estates in order to pay off loans.
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Liquidations – We help trustees and debtors reorganize assets to continue operating their business or pay back creditors.
  • Foreclosed Property Auctions – We manage bank-owned real estate auctions professionally and quickly to get the best possible results.

Our Bankruptcy Auction Process

We first begin by discussing goals for the auction and viewing the property and assets. Once we sign on and get your auction date set, our team gets to work organizing and preparing for the auction. We catalog inventory, take pictures, get everything ready for the website, and implement a marketing strategy. You won’t have to worry about a thing!

Once we flip the switch, the online auction is live for bidders to engage in right away. The auction runs concurrently with the marketing period. Bankruptcy auctions will typically run for 30-45 days.

We collect and process earnest money down payments then our organized loadout process begins. Our trained professional staff is present at all times to ensure that the loadout process runs smoothly and everyone follows the agreed upon Terms & Conditions of the auction.

Once all accounts have been collected and the items are loaded out, you will get full reporting of bidders, inventory, and a complete breakdown of expenses agreed upon in the contract. Approximately 30 days after the auction, the property is closed.

Learn more about our auction process here.

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For three generations, our goal has been to make each and every bankruptcy auction as successful as possible. We can help determine the true worth of the property AND the best means to sell it. View our past bankruptcy auctions to see what Wooley Auctioneers can do for you!

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