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At Wooley Auctioneers, we keep your best interest in mind

As a third-generation family-owned company, we at Wooley Auctioneers have always had our clients’ best interests in mind. We offer professional auction services you can count on because we do things the right way! Learn more about our auction process:

  • Face-to-face meeting, usually at the location so we can meet and talk about the sellers’ needs and goals. We will walk the property and look at the equipment.
  • We will prepare a proposal/contract at our office and discuss potential auction dates.
  • Once we set the date and sign the contract, we get to work. Our team will: 
    • Catalog/Inventory
    • Organize & prepare for sale
    • Take pictures
    • Get everything ready for the website
    • Put together & prepare marketing materials
  • Once the contract is signed, we flip a switch and turn the auction on. The auction runs concurrently with the marketing period. 
    • Bidders can engage and bid right away, they don’t have to wait for a certain date or time to participate.
  • The auction is conducted online and will count down to the agreed-upon date. 
    • Real estate auctions typically will run for 30-45 days
    • Personal property and estate liquidation will typically run for a minimum of 10 days

For Liquidation

  • We collect and process payments in the form of credit card, cash, or cashiers checks.
  • Our loadout process is very hands-on, controlled, and organized. Our trained staff is present at all times to ensure that the loadout process runs smoothly and everyone follows the agreed upon Terms & Conditions of the auction. A staff member will always be on-site to manage and make sure that each buyer gets what they purchased. We provide security, so it is not a free-for-all. 
    • Each buyer must check in with staff and present their identification & receipt in order to collect and load their purchased assets, then produce their receipt again as they leave, and we mark the asset off.
    • Other auction companies do not police their auctions thoroughly. People simply grab and load, causing items to turn up missing.
  • Once all accounts have been collected and the items are loaded out, you will get full reporting of: 
    • Registered bidders
    • An inventory list of what was sold, to who, and for how much
    • A complete breakdown of the expenses (all agreed upon in the contract) and our commission

For Real Estate

  • We collect and process earnest money down payments via cashiers check. 
  • We deliver the payments to the title company and they start the closing process.
  • The title company will disburse funds to all parties in approximately 30 days at closing.

Arkansas Auction Services

Let Wooley Auctioneers make it easy for you! Our auction services are conducted efficiently and produce the best results for our clients. Contact us today to begin working with a reliable auction partner!

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