Heavy Machinery Auction Services in Arkansas

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Heavy Machinery Auction Services in Arkansas

Hire Us for Your Auction

From agricultural equipment to manufacturing process equipment, if you need to liquidate, our superior auction process can help meet your goals. As a full-service auction company in Arkansas, Wooley Auctioneers handles everything from start to finish.

Our family-owned business is here to help you get top bids for your heavy machinery and equipment. Request our auction services today!

Why Choose Wooley Auctioneers in Arkansas?

Many other auction companies will participate in their own auctions and take advantage of the situation by trying to get a good deal for themselves; however, we work for you, not ourselves.  Our crew has your best interest in mind and want you to receive the best possible outcome for your auction, that’s why we will never bid on your inventory. 

Benefits of Working with Our Heavy Machinery Liquidators

  • We target national and international bidders to generate maximum competition for your heavy equipment auction and create a competitive environment between bidders.
  • Sellers are given the assurance that the machinery will be sold at true market value.
  • We provide an avenue where sellers can sell their equipment at the earliest possible time and at the highest possible value.

Types of Heavy Machinery Auction Services We Offer

  • Farm Machinery Auctioneers – We can effectively handle the liquidation needs of farms of any size and can help sell your agricultural equipment at true market value. 
  • Factory/Manufacturing Equipment Liquidators – From heavy equipment to specialized machines, we can find the buyers who will pay the most for your industrial assets.
  • Restaurant Equipment Liquidators – From large restaurants to small diners, we can help you get top bids for your surplus kitchen equipment.

Our Heavy Machinery Auction Process

We first begin by discussing your goals for the liquidation and viewing the heavy machinery and equipment. Once we sign on and get your auction date set, we take it from there so you won’t have to worry about a thing! Our team gets to work organizing and preparing for the auction by cataloging inventory, taking pictures, getting everything ready for the website, and implementing a marketing strategy.

Once the first step in our process is complete, we flip the switch, and your auction is live for bidders to engage in right away. The auction runs concurrently with the marketing period. Equipment liquidation auctions typically run for 10 days.

Our loadout process is very hands-on, controlled, and organized. Our trained staff is present at all times to ensure that the loadout process runs smoothly and everyone follows the agreed upon Terms & Conditions of the auction. A staff member will always be on-site to manage and make sure that each buyer gets what they purchased. We provide security, so it is not a free-for-all.

Learn more about our auction process here.

Contact Our Heavy Machinery Liquidators

It is our goal to make our auctions as successful as possible for our buyers and sellers — we’ve done so for three generations and we can help you too! You can trust that we’ll determine the true worth of your equipment AND the best means to sell it. View our past machinery liquidations to see what Wooley Auctioneers can do for you! 

Request our liquidation services today to get started selling your heavy equipment at auction.

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